Warranty Registration

Lifestyle Lawns warrants that from the date of artificial grass installation, the turf, when installed and maintained as recommended is guaranteed for ten (10) years.

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Lifestyle Lawns warrants that if the supplied artificial grass proves to be defective in materials resulting in premature wear, during normal use of the product, or suffers significant fading, breakdown or degradation due to exposure to natural ultraviolet rays within the warranty period of 10 years, we will at our sole discretion either 1) repair or replace the affected area, or 2) issue a credit equal to the cost of the artificial grass material. For the purpose of the product warranty, the product shall be deemed to have failed in UV stability if the original tensile strength of the product decreases by 50% or more.
Proration rate is as follows: Years 1-8 (100%), Years 8-10 (25%)
In the event that Lifestyle Lawns elect to issue a credit in lieu of repair or replacement, the credit will only apply to the affected area of the artificial turf giving rise to the claim. The credit shall be issued to the reseller as a percentage of the replacement cost of new artificial grass of the same or comparable quality as supplied by Lifestyle Lawns. There will be no cash payment.
This warranty is limited to remedies of repair or replacement of the affected areas of the artificial turf. This warranty does not cover the installation of the synthetic turf or any issues stemming from the installation.
Lifestyle Lawns hereby disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and disclaims liability for incidental or consequential damages. Lifestyle Lawns specifically excludes and will not pay consequential damage under this warranty.
This includes any damages arising out of, or in connection with the use or performance of the synthetic turf including, but not limited to damages for economic loss, expense, personal injury etc.
This warranty in non-transferable. This warranty is only extended to the original purchaser. The warranty period of any replacement product shall be limited to the warranty period of the initial product only.

The warranty does not warrant:

  1. Damage from accidents, force majeure, abuse and neglect from other than normal ordinary use of the product.
  2. Vandalism or floods
  3. Use of chemicals and improper cleaning methods.
  4. Failure to properly maintain, protect or repair the turf.
  5. Damage caused by reflection (melting) or other flammable materials.
  6. Damage caused to material by invasive vegetation, including but not limited to, nut grass, nut sage, roots and similar growths.
  7. Pile crush
  8. Pet damage, digging, chewing or repetitive traffic areas.
  9. Variation in colour, the purchaser understands that different dye lots and yarn batches may have slight variation in shading and colour and any such variations are not covered under this warranty.