Will sun fade Lifestyle Lawns artificial grass?

No, our fibres have built-in UV inhibitors that we mix into the fiber/yarn. Our Leisure range has maximum UV protection. Some artificial grass suppliers turf will often have insufficient UV protection causing the fibres to break down prematurely.

Will Lifestyle Lawns artificial grass be warmer than my natural grass?

Artificial grass is generally warmer than natural grass; it doesn’t have the natural cooling effect of evaporation like natural grass but our Leisure Series range has the CoolTouch™ feature, to achieve this we’ve added solar absorbent materials to the yarns in the early stages of manufacturing. This allows the yarn to reflect light and heat maximising our UV protection guarantee without looking false and shiny.

Is there any maintenance to Lifestyle Lawns artificial grass?

To get the very most out of your artificial grass there is some maintenance required. Click here to view the Aftercare Maintenance Guide.

Brush it once in awhile to keep the blades standing upright, turf rake or broom from time to time to keep debris and leaves at bay and some mild watering once in a blue moon is really all it takes to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed.

How does the water drain from the artificial grass?

Lifestyle Lawns grass has perforated holes in its backing that allows water to drain into the rock base below the artificial grass. We have added twice the amount of holes to make the drainage twice as fast!

What happens when dogs go to the bathroom on Lifestyle Lawns artificial grass?

Pet urine and faeces allows bacteria to grow very easily, that’s why we have added a product to the raw materials which helps prevent the growth of bacteria. These materials inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould. They also help prevent odours, making our grass very safe and comfortable for pets and children.

Dog urine flushes through the synthetic turf’s drainage holes and then through the drainage system when it is hosed off or when it rains. The solid waste is cleaned up the same way as natural grass. We know that the grass is protected but the urine can reach the base/infill and the odour can be present within this substance. This is why we have our New Zealand exclusive Envriofill product which is the only pet-friendly turf infill that combats odors while maintaining longevity. Click here for more information.

What happens if my dog tries to dig through Lifestyle Lawns artificial grass?

If you are using this solely for a dog run, we recommend using a timber fixing surround around the perimeter of the dog run to ensure you have maximised your fixing strength. By keeping your fixings close together we can ensure there is nothing that will attract your pet into a game of tug of war. All lawns installed correctly require an infill. This infill protects the grass from damage and helps keep the grass standing to its full potential. By having this infill it protects the fibres from dog nails.

What is your warranty?

Our grass is so good we warranty it for 10 years! Our 10 year warranty covers all of our grass types that could cause our grass to fail prematurely. The warranty does not cover misuse or negligence.