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Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Grass Colour Tones

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but exactly which shade of green looks the greenest?

If you’re looking to replace your lawn with artificial grass, you might be finding it hard to choose that perfect green artificial grass colour for your home and garden. But don’t worry! Lifestyle Lawns is here to make it easy! 

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Grass Colour Tones

It feels like everywhere you look these days someone has thought it was a good idea to make artificial grass in a new, outrageous colour. 

Don’t get us wrong! We’re all for using different colours of grass for markings on sports fields, at gyms, or wherever else it’s handy to have! Bright-coloured grass can also be useful for commercial businesses to match their brand colours and catch people’s attention. 

So, while unrealistically coloured fake grass has its place, we’re betting that, just like us, you love a beautiful, rich green grass for your garden, not something bright orange or another unexpected grass colour. 

Now, that being said, it can still be hard to find the right green-coloured grass. With endless varieties of green, and even more options for warmer and cooler tones, what should you look for to find the perfect green for your artificial grass? 

Here’s what you need to know:


In many ways, blades of grass are like snowflakes – each one is unique! Nature isn’t perfect or uniform, so just like in nature, the most realistic-looking fake grass has some variation in the colours and tones of the fibres that make up an artificial lawn. 

Of course, you want your lawn to look uniform, and from a distance it will, but that variation between fibres will convince anyone who sees it that it is a real and incredibly well-looked-after lawn!

artificial grass colour

Colour fastness 

If you invest in a high-quality product, you shouldn’t experience any issues with your artificial grass colour fading or changing as the result of normal wear and tear, or exposure to the elements. 

Unfortunately, some low-quality artificial grasses that haven’t been imbued with the same level of UV protection will likely fade and degrade over time. This will leave you with a discoloured lawn, and there is also the possibility of the fibres breaking down releasing microplastics into your garden and causing harm to our environment.

At Lifestyle Lawns, all of our lawns come with a 10-year warranty. Our products have been designed with Kiwi families and Kiwi weather in mind, so we can guarantee that your lawn colour won’t change over the years and your lawn won’t degrade in our harsh sunshine. 

Colour theory 

You may be familiar with colour theory thanks to the multitude of videos on social media showing what different lipsticks look like on different skin tones, or you might be subconsciously aware of colour theory because of previous experiences you’ve had.

If you’ve ever found a paint chip that you LOVED, bought a sample pot, painted half a wall in your home and then stood back and thought “This can’t be the same colour as the paint chip! It’s completely different!”. You probably held the chip up to your wall and realised that, next to each other, it’s exactly the same colour, but it looks massively different in your space. That is the magic of colour theory! 

Colour theory dictates how different colours will interact with each other, and also how our eyes perceive them. Different seasons, weather, time of day, and most importantly, different colours in your space, will make a colour appear different to your eyes. 

The tone of the colour of your artificial grass may change slightly when you see it online or in-store compared to when it’s in your garden. If you have a particularly shady or sunny garden, or if you have an abundance of flowering plants in a certain colour, you may notice that slight change in the tone of your lawn. 

Colour theory is one of the reasons it’s important to get your grass from a reputable company, one that lives and breathes fake grass (not literally, of course)! The experts truly know what they’re doing. During the product development process, they will have selected the perfect shade of green that will mimic real grass and not suddenly look brown when your orange roses bloom.

lifestyle lawns artificial grass colours

The best artificial grass colour

The best artificial grass colour for you, your family, your pets and your space is going to depend a lot on your personal preferences. 

That’s not the answer you’re looking for though, is it? 

The best advice we can give you is to consider the above points, and get yourself some samples so that you can see your options in your space. See how your samples look next to the plants in your garden, the colour of your cladding, and your outdoor furniture. You might be surprised by what you like the most when you bring it home!

Lifestyle Lawns artificial grass colours 

At Lifestyle Lawns, we’re here to make having a beautiful lawn as easy as possible for Kiwis like you. We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by different shades of green, or feel like you have to compromise on features to have the colour that looks the best in your garden

All of our artificial grass has been designed with you in mind (maybe not you specifically, after all, we’ve only just met!), but we’ve selected what we think are the best colours for artificial grass, and the result is what we think is the most realistic artificial grass on the New Zealand market.

Our artificial grass isn’t super glossy or reflective, so you won’t see that “plasticy” sheen when the sun hits it. You’ll also find that we’ve matched the tone of our grass as closely as possible to real, healthy grass – often people can’t believe that our lawns are fake, and that’s the goal, isn’t it?

If you’d like to know more about Lifestyle Lawns and the products we offer, or get your hands on some samples to admire in your own home, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you! 

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