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How To Prepare For Fake Grass Installation

New year, new you? How about new year, new lawn? 

At Lifestyle Lawns, we love seeing Kiwis excited to make changes to their homes in the new year! And what better time to do it than at the beginning of the good weather, so you still have a few months to enjoy your upgrades before it gets colder?

If your New Year’s resolution is to install fake grass in your space, then you need to know how to prepare for it!

How To Prepare For Fake Grass Installation

If you’re new to the wonderful world of artificial lawns, you may feel daunted by the process of making the change! What do you need to do to prepare? How long does it take to install? When will you be sitting back, sipping a cold beverage and admiring your hard work? Thankfully, fake grass installation isn’t as hard as you might think – just like with anything, it’s actually quite easy once you know how (and once you have the right tools for the job).

Is this the right time of year for fake grass installation though? Of course! We’ve been doing this for more than 12 years, and the right time for fake grass installation is whenever you’re ready for it!

So, what do you need to do to get ready to make the switch from real grass and ensure your fake grass installation goes smoothly?

preparing for fake grass installation

Choose the right fake grass for your needs

Fake grass is brilliant because, once it’s installed, the upkeep is minimal, especially compared to the real stuff! But you don’t just want artificial turf so that you have less maintenance to take care of…

First and foremost, you want fake grass that looks good. You also want fake grass that will suit your family, and we’re not just talking about your children, we mean your fur babies too! You want fake grass that won’t harbour bacteria or go mouldy in the wetter months and expose your family to harmful microorganisms. You want high-quality fake grass that will stand the test of time, be comfortable underfoot and hold up to everything life has to throw at it! 

You want fake grass that ticks all of the boxes, and so you should! So, how do you choose the right fake grass? You talk to the experts!

At Lifestyle Lawns, we offer a range of artificial turf options to suit the unique needs of Kiwi families, schools, businesses and sports lovers! We can help you determine which option is best for you and we can help you get it installed. 

All of our fake grass comes with a 10-year warranty and, once we have the proper facilities set up in New Zealand, it’s fully recyclable at the end of its long life. We’ve designed our grass with New Zealanders in mind, so you’ll get to enjoy ultra-high levels of UV protection, CoolTouch technology to keep your lawn cool on those scorching summer days, chlorine and seawater resistance, and we think it’s the most realistic product on the market too! 

No need to take our word for it, just let us know which turf options you’re interested in and we can arrange some samples so that you can experience it for yourself! 

Get your garden into shape

Once you’ve chosen the right fake grass for your home, it’s time to get organised! 

Fake grass installation can go a long way towards achieving the garden of your dreams, but your lawn is only part of your garden. We recommend completing, or at least planning out, the landscaping for your garden before you lay your fake grass down. 

If you’re planning a new build, your lawn can go down at any stage of the process – just whenever suits you and your contractors best! 

We do like to remind fake grass newbies that, unlike real grass, it’s not quite as easy to just lift up your fake grass and reclaim parts of your lawn. In just the same way, it’s not ideal to have to extend your lawn if you decide to reclaim some of your garden. So, consider where you’d like to plant, how big trees and shrubs will grow, and how that will impact the size and location of your lawn. 

Before you have your fake grass installed, give your garden a thorough tidy, weed around your lawn, move any plants that may need to be relocated, and trim bushes that may get in the way. 

preparation for fake grass installation

Do the prep work for your fake grass installation

It’s tempting to get stuck in and install your shiny new lawn! But, before you do, you’ve got to do the prep work. Gather your tools; you’ll need a Stanley knife, a tape measure, timber for your edging, a hammer, compactor, joining tape, fixing nails, infill, a stiff broom or power broom, a drop spreader and a 4mm trowel. 

If you’re installing your fake grass yourself, we can help you make a plan to tackle the job and we can make a roll plan so you know exactly how best to lay your grass. If you don’t have the right tools (and let’s face it, who has a compactor laying around?), then you’ll want to plan your installation around when you can hire them, or borrow them from a friend.

It’s always a good idea to plan your installation around the weather to avoid heavy rain which can cause slumping in your lawn. By installing your fake grass early in the year, you’ll probably have good luck avoiding the rain, but your soil might be hard and compacted, so you may want to factor in extra time for leveling your lawn in preparation for your fake grass installation. Just remember to stay hydrated and wear sun protection!

If you get stuck, give us a shout! We’ll help you out with tips and tricks of the trade and, if you decide you’d prefer for someone else to do the heavy lifting, we can organise a professional installer to come to your place and install your new fake grass for you. 

Contact us and we’ll help you live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of starting in 2024 with a new Lifestyle Lawns fake grass lawn!

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